• Social Media Integrated Big Plan


Deciding six months until one year campaign of selected brands using various social media channels needed. Submitted in files, consist of campaign name, market analysis, explanation of campaign and its events, online events which  supports campaign such as quiz, EP example, campaign time plan, and other details.


  • Weekly Editorial Plan


Consists of daily tweets and post in brand’s channel. Submitted weekly to get brand’s review, if they approved, then the EP will execute on brand’s channel daily. Not included pictures of daily topics and products. We will need extra person to be graphic designer or brand’s product photos stock.


  • Organizing Quiz


Quiz will be conducted until it finishes, and winner recommendation will be sent to client to get approval. After that, winner will be posted and we will be back with winner’s data so that client’s could deliver the prize.


  • Monthly and Specific Report


After a month maintaining social media, monthly report will be generated and given back to client to be reviewed. Monthly report consists of fans and follower’s growth, reach growth, paid post report (if available), most engaging post, and other instruments which needed. For basic report, Facebook Insight and Twitter Analytic are enough, but if client provide paid tools such as Hootsuite or Social Bakers, the analysis would be more complete

For other specific reports, could be vary. Such as quiz report, six month progress report, annual report, livetweet report, competitor analysis, or any reports needed for social media use.


  • Daily Maintenance


Every day, all comments, mentions, and whatever the activity on client’s social media will be replied. Seven days a week included Saturday, Monday, and public holiday.

  • Livetweet


If there’s an event which held by the brand, NanoCloud Pop team (2 persons) will tweet lively from venue, on maximum 6 hours event. The live report will be posted on Twitter (main channel), and Facebook or Instagram for highlight feed only. After live tweet held, we will make livetweet report and photos album from the event.